Cosmetic Dental Bonding

At Mangrove Bay Dentistry in Tampa, we are interested in your concerns about your smile. When you discuss cosmetic treatment options with Dr. Toan Tran, he will tell you about the pros and cons of the various treatments that can be used to achieve your goals.

Dental bonding is a relatively low cost and conservative alternative to other cosmetic treatments. Dr. Tran can quickly repair slightly chipped, worn, and intrinsically discolored teeth with tooth-colored composite resin. With bonding, he can smooth over and cover teeth so they closely match the appearance of your natural teeth, and can sometimes improve the appearance of slightly crooked and irregularly shaped teeth. The downside is that composite resin is not as impervious to stains, nor as strong as porcelain.

Dr. Tran designs treatment plans that are individualized for the needs, goals, and preferences of each patient. He will partner with you in developing a comprehensive plan of treatment that is right for you.

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