Stabilization of Your Denture on Mini-Implants

At Mangrove Bay Dentistry of Tampa, we know many Tampa Bay Area residents are tired of their dentures becoming loose and slipping. We know you don’t like dealing with messy adhesives, reduced chewing strength, and worrying about embarrassment. We also know your health suffers when you limit drinking to avoid slippage and when you cannot chew a fully nutritious diet, including raw fruits and vegetables.

One of the options Dr. Toan Tran offers patients is stabilization of their denture on mini-implants. If you decide to have 4 small implants placed in your jaw, Dr. Tran can provide you with a denture that snaps securely on the implants. Because you won’t need pink plastic sides on your denture, it will emerge from your gum just like your natural teeth. Mini-implant supported dentures are mostly created for the lower jaw because ordinary dentures are usually less stable there. However, you can get implant supported dentures on the top as well. This can give you the added benefit of not covering the roof of your mouth, which will allow you to better taste and enjoy your food once again. The fit is so firm and stable that your chewing power is greatly improved, and you no longer need to be concerned about your denture slipping. Comfort and function is achieved!

Denture stabilization with mini implants is a relatively minimally invasive procedure and can be done with local anesthetic while you are fully awake. Because removable dentures commonly require relining or replacement, the overall cost of replacing your missing teeth with an implant-supported prosthesis can be comparable or less than replacing a removable complete denture. Depending on your credit rating, denture stabilization can be financed with 0% interest via CareCredit. CareCredit terms and limitations apply.

For edentulous patients (those missing all of their teeth), stabilization of your full denture on mini implants is less expensive than the all-on-4 hybrid denture option but a hybrid denture can have even more advantages. Dr. Tran will be happy to discuss the advantages of both options and help you decide which one is best for you based on your oral health circumstances, quality of life objectives, aesthetic considerations, and budget.

Denture stabilization on implants is one of the most sought-after procedures in dentistry today.

You’ll smile, talk, laugh and eat with confidence! And, you’ll be combating premature aging of your facial structure and smile due to jawbone resorption. Dr. Tran offers a complimentary (no fee) consultation for denture stabilization on mini implants. Treatment can be completed in as few as two additional appointments.

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