Removable Dentures

If you need a denture to replace missing teeth or have been disappointed with the fit and comfort of your denture, you can turn to Dr. Toan Tran at Mangrove Bay Dentistry in Oldsmar (Tampa), FL to learn about your options, become fully informed about treatment, and be guided in making a decision that is right for you. Dr. Tran is dedicated to individualized comprehensive dentistry that conservatively provides patients with the best, most predictable results. He wants you to have lasting satisfaction with the custom denture he provides.

There are two basic types of removable dentures. Complete dentures are used when all of the teeth are missing, while partial dentures are used when some natural teeth remain. Dr. Tran also collaborates with preferred implant surgeons to replace missing teeth with implant-supported crowns, multi-unit bridges, mini-implant supported dentures, and all-on-4-teeth-in-a-day, complete hybrid overdentures retained on implants.

Complete Removable Dentures

If you are missing all of your teeth, a full set of life-like appearing teeth can be provided on a complete removable denture. These dentures have an acrylic plastic base that is colored to look like gum tissue. An upper complete denture will cover the roof of your mouth. In the case of an upper or lower complete denture, a denture adhesive can be used to improve retention and biting force. A lower complete denture might have a tendency to slip and become dislodged while eating and speaking as the tongue and facial muscles move against it. Most denture wearers complain more about the lower denture than an upper denture for this reason. You will remove your complete denture(s) for cleaning and for sleeping.

When tooth roots are missing from the jawbone, the bone tissue undergoes resorption. The shape of the jawbone diminishes over time. The gum tissue over the jawbone changes in shape to conform to the underlying bone. As bone resorption continues over a period of 5 to 7 years, your complete denture will likely need to be relined to maintain a good fit. If your denture becomes too loose, a new denture will provide the best results.

Note: Although Dr. Tran can adjust your removable dentures to last for several years, you should keep in mind that complete denture wearers are flocking to dental implant treatment for three main reasons. They dislike having the roof of their mouth covered, they dislike the insecurity of the lower denture slipping, and they want a strong, stable bite so they can fully chew their favorite foods and enjoy them again. Dr. Tran will be happy to discuss the implant options with you.

If you are wearing a complete denture and are in need of adjustment or a new denture, we can immediately make impressions for an exact fit. If you have recently lost one or more teeth or had teeth removed in order to have a complete denture, your gum tissue will change as it heals. Healing typically takes 4 to 6 months. In the meantime, Dr. Tran will provide you with a temporary “immediate” denture and adjust it as the gum tissue changes. When your gum tissue has become stable, we will make the impressions for your new custom denture. We may be able to reline your “immediate” denture for you to use as a backup.

Partial Removable Dentures

Today, there are multiple materials (including flexible Valplast) and many forms of partial dentures, but all partial dentures attach to adjacent teeth and have a gum-colored portion meant to blend into the existing gum tissue. You will remove a partial denture for cleaning. Today, clasps are designed in flexible, clear, tooth-colored or pink acrylic to show as little as possible.

Removable Overdentures

In some cases, a removable partial or complete overdenture may be fabricated to be worn on top of tooth roots remaining in the mouth. In these cases, a denture composed of prosthetic gum tissue and teeth is placed over the gum ridge. Because there are disadvantages to this type of treatment—primarily the possibility of future root decay and low denture stability, this treatment is usually recommended only for the elderly or significantly medically compromised patient.

Whenever possible, the aesthetic and functional benefits of implant-supported overdentures are so superior that patients should seriously consider all-on-4-teeth-in-a-day implant treatment with a hybrid denture—today’s gold standard of care.

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There is nothing more frustrating than an ill-fitting denture. Today, there are many materials and methods for providing you with restored comfortable function so you can eat, smile and speak with confidence. If you or a family member is missing teeth, we are only a phone call away and happy to give you the information and support you need. Dr. Toan Tran has extensive experience in providing custom dentures of all types.

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