Root Canal Therapy

At Mangrove Bay Dentistry, Dr. Toan Tran expertly performs any needed root canal therapy prior to restoring your tooth with a crown. Both procedures can be performed efficiently in the comfort of his Oldsmar (northwestern Tampa area) office. After your root canal, he will immediately place a temporary filling. Next, he will prepare your tooth for a crown and temporize it with a provisional crown so you can eat and smile naturally while your beautiful, lifelike porcelain crown is custom made by one of our preferred dental lab partners.

Why Root Canal Therapy

If you develop a dental infection and/or develop acute pain, root canal therapy can often save your tooth, and it will eliminate your discomfort. Dr. Tran will provide expert diagnosis and gentle, precise treatment if treating the pulp of your tooth to remove infection and painful nerve tissue is required.

The Root Canal Experience

Despite the reputation of root canal treatment, today’s effective local anesthetic and technology allow Dr. Tran to treat you comfortably. If you are anxious, we offer light sedation with nitrous oxide. Our patients report that undergoing root canal therapy is similar to receiving a dental filling.

Root canal therapy and crown restoration typically takes place over two office visits. During the first visit, Dr. Tran will create a small access chamber in the top of your tooth. Through this chamber, he can reach the soft pulp that fills the inside of your tooth. All infected pulp will be removed from the root canals. The emptied root canals and center of your tooth will be shaped and treated to eliminate bacteria. When your tooth is bacteria-free, the inside of the tooth will be sealed and the chamber filled with gutta percha, a soft rubber compound. He will then shape the tooth to receive a crown, make impressions, and then place a temporary crown. Throughout this process, your tooth and nearby gums will be numb. The temporary crown will make it possible for you to chew and smile normally before your next appointment.

At you next appointment your custom permanent crown will be ready and placed on your tooth by Dr. Tran. In most cases, this second appointment will take place about two to four weeks after the he performs the root canal procedure and your tooth is prepped for the crown. In the interim, our partner lab will fabricate a lifelike dental crown, using the impressions of your tooth.

Do You Have a Painful Tooth?

Don’t wait until the pain becomes so acute that treatment is needed on an emergency basis. Give us a call and schedule an appointment with Dr. Tran to diagnose the cause of your pain. If you need root canal therapy and a crown, he can comfortably treat you in our Oldsmar office.

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