Traditional Dental Bridges

Tampa Dental Bridge DentistAs an alternative to a dental implant and implant crown, Dr. Toan Tran treats hundreds of patients each year with traditional bridgework. A traditional bridge is initially more affordable but requires the crowning of adjacent teeth to hold the bridge in place. One or more artificial teeth, known as pontics are held in place by two dental crowns (also known as “abutments”). Bridges they are commonly made from porcelain fused on metal or all porcelain for aesthetic reasons.

Because preparation of abutment teeth to receive crowns irreversibly removes some of the tooth enamel, many patients choose dental implant treatment, which will leave healthy teeth intact. If, however, the teeth at either end of the empty space need crowns, on their own merit, because they are fractured, decayed, have a large filling, or have had root canal therapy, then, avoiding crowns will not be a deciding factor in the treatment you choose.

Traditional bridges are durable for 5 to ten years, and sometimes longer with good oral hygiene and regular dental visits. You may need to replace your bridge if the jawbone undergoes too much bone resorption or the crowned abutment teeth become weakened or decayed. The cost of retreatment and bridge replacement is only one of the reasons patients are choosing implant-supported crowns and bridges.

What to Expect with Traditional Crown & Bridge Treatment

If you choose traditional crown and bridge treatment, you will be numbed with topical anesthetic, then gently deliver a local anesthetic for your comfort. When you are fully numb, Dr. Tran will remove some of the outside of the abutment teeth to prepare them for crowns. A precise impression of your mouth will be made. This impression will be used by technicians in our dental lab to fabricate your bridge and maintain your proper bite.

The process of making your bridge in porcelain-on-metal or all-porcelain may take two weeks or more. During the time that you wait for your custom bridge to be completed, you will wear a provisional (temporary) bridge. This temporary restoration is made of tooth-colored acrylic. Dr. Tran and his talented assistants will make it here in the office quickly in our on-site lab while you rest comfortably in the dental chair. You will be able to eat normally, and although acrylic does not have the same life-like look as porcelain, you will begin to see how beautiful your smile will become.

When your permanent custom bridge is ready, you will have another appointment. Dr. Tran will remove the provisional bridge, clean the prepared teeth, and try in the restoration for fit. He can make slight modifications to the bridge to perfect its fit and the alignment of your bite. Then, he will use durable dental cement to seat the bridge on the abutment teeth, and check your bite again. You should experience comfortable, strong function when you return to normal eating that very same day. Your porcelain-on-metal or all-porcelain bridge will look natural healthy teeth and match the color of surrounding teeth.

Are You Interested in a Filling a Gap in Your Smile?

The first step is to call Mangrove Bay Dentistry in Oldsmar, FL and schedule an appointment. Dr. Tran will do a thorough exam and recommend the treatment options that are most appropriate for you. You will have the opportunity to discuss the advantages of your options and make a personal decision. We are compassionate, gentle, and look forward to providing you and your family with the best of care.

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