Straight Teeth with ClearCorrect

Tampa ClearCorrect DentistDr. Toan Tran of Mangrove Bay Dentistry in Tampa, is a certified provider of ClearCorrect clear aligner therapy. Clear braces are the clear and simple way to straighten your teeth so you can show off your smile with confidence!

Although Invisalign technology has been around longer, there are reasons why Dr. Tran prefers ClearCorrect, a similar aligning therapy technology. Clear Correct does not charge for fabrication of the retainer at the end of treatment, if a patient is not completely satisfied at the end of treatment, additional steps are usually free for full cases, the fee for full treatment is typically less, the aligners are thin and clear while still effectively aligning teeth, and ClearCorrect customer service is reliably excellent.

If you are looking for an alternative to metal braces, ClearCorrect is a clear and simple choice for patients of all ages. There are no wires or brackets; just clear, convenient comfort that gives you every reason to smile.

Comfortable, Convenient, Unobtrusive Aligners

ClearCorrect DentistWith ClearCorrect, achieving your ideal smile is easy and effortless. The smooth surfaces do not irritate the sensitive tissue of your lips, gums, and inside your mouth. Because your clear aligners are easily removed and reinserted, you can take them out to brush, floss, and eat your favorite foods. They are so thin that you will readily adjust to speaking with them in and even be able to play a band instrument with a mouthpiece. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you forget you’re wearing your ClearCorrect aligners, and they’re so clear that no one else will notice you’re wearing them. ClearCorrect fits your life and daily routine as perfectly as it fits your teeth, so you don’t need to change a thing.

The ClearCorrect Process

ClearCorrect AlignerAfter you and your doctor decide that ClearCorrect is the right treatment option to fit your unique goals and needs, we’ll send your records, X-rays, and impressions to ClearCorrect. Working with Dr. Tran, expert technicians at ClearCorrect will map out a customized treatment plan of gradual tooth movement. You’ll wear each set of aligners for a specific amount of time as the roots of your teeth move in response to gentle pressure. You’ll visit Dr. Tran periodically for checkups to monitor your progress and receive new trays until you eventually have the straight smile you’ve always wanted. The duration of your treatment will be about the same as with Invisalign or traditional wire-and-bracket orthodontics, but the fee is usually less.

Are You a Candidate for ClearCorret?

Dr. Tran treats adults with permanent teeth that have all erupted. ClearCorrect treatment can fix several issues that are typical to the adult mouth, including widely gapped teeth, overly crowded teeth, or protruding teeth. It can also be used to realign teeth when there is significant malocclusion, a minor to moderate overbite, or a minor to moderate under bite. Adults who wore braces as teens and have since seen their teeth move out of alignment are also great candidates.

Call for a Complimentary (No Fee) ClearCorrect Consultation

Dr. Tran will examine your mouth, determine if ClearCorrect is an appropriate technology for aligning your teeth, and estimate the length and cost of your course of treatment. There are some oral circumstances that could require primary dental care ahead of orthodontics, and some types of significant misalignment that are more appropriately treated by traditional brackets and wires. In this latter circumstance, Dr. Tran can refer you to an orthodontic specialist.
Aligning your teeth with ClearCorrect clear aligners takes about the same length of time as Invisalign and traditional bracket-and-wire orthodontics. The sooner you start, the sooner you will have the smile you want!

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